Monday, 24 January 2011

Paris, boulevard des boulevers├ęs

Oh dear, suddenly remembering this blog that I so lovingly created 4 years ago and coldheartedly neglected once its novelty wore off, I feel like Urashima Taro coming back after what seems like mere weeks that magnified into months! :P :P

For that, I have Paris to blame - for giving me so many splendid reasons and occasions to be away from my PC in the more than 8 months since I landed! That includes the reacquisition of a kitchen to call my own (revival of food posts!!!!), traipses through countless museums and quaint cobblestoned streets with Boy Scout, a newfangled social life, and err - how do I put this nicely? - a spineless cave-in to that social network I so vehemently rejected for years, arrrgh!!!!

Paris made me do it.

I would never have had to eat my vinegared words if I didn't give myself just 3 weeks between the end of my holiday in Japan and my move to Paris and then predictably run out of catch-up time during my last few weeks in Singapore with existing and reappearing old friends. :P

Nevertheless, despite the axe falling on my insouciant tax-free existence, I love Paris!!! I cannot understand how in the world Parisians earned their surly reputation because I find people here simply pleasant and helpful!

And that has made me want to emulate them by helping the lost tourist with his dog-eared map or the flummoxed French lass trying to decipher Asian ingredients in the ethnic supermarkets, in fact, I'm flattered to be asked for help if that makes me look like I've lived here long enough ! :)

More to come...