Saturday, 23 February 2008

Pardesi no more

The degree of Pardesi-ness is really arguable... :) I am finally back in the place where I was born, but does that really make me feel finally at home?

After having lived for more than 6 years in Lille, in Northern France, my most common sentiment was that of being misunderstood or plain anonymous. But in the fashion typical of the way true happiness often escapes me (the Sonu Nigam concert is a perfect example), towards the end of my stay in Lille, I found new reasons to appreciate France and was showered with so much love, attention and affection from the people I least expected to that it broke my heart to leave them behind. Sigh.

Nonetheless, I have a whole life ahead of me and aspire to make the best of it... right now, I am only planning on taking it easy (take it easy, Urvasi, as I used to say to another friend... ;-) ) for a while until I get my cards in order...