Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Gasping for breath

Outrageous! Did a very eventful half-year just whoosh by without my being able to exhale???

Granted, barely 8 hours into the new year, I'd set off on a 9-day impromptu shoestring adventure to Krabi by land with a long-lost gal pal and survived one of the most harrowing bus rides in my life, to be greeted by a welcome pile of work upon my return to terra firma (anything is firmer than the land upon which the scary Krabi bus trundled!), before getting ready for a long-awaited never-long-enough visit from Boy Scout, before holing up for weeks on end to plough through yet another dense pile of work, before scurrying off for 2 whole months to see my son (and Boy Scout) in Lille, before returning to Singapore again to find my sister, brother-in-law and precocious little nephew who were visiting from Japan, before succumbing to the lure of another budget (not!) trek to Bali just 2 weeks ago.

Whew! That made for some decent blogging fodder, or at least a slideshow, but if I had 48 hours in a day at my disposal, all this would have already been old news here! And this doesn't even include everything that happened LAST YEAR!! I don't even know how to backtrack anymore but I am determined to post all the nice photos I took, and soon!! :)

I'll sign off for now with a colourful pretty picture I took in Bali that ruffled my feathers but I had to take it anyway.