Friday, 9 May 2008

So near and yet so far...

My luck positively sucks, I'm fully convinced of it right now.. :(

When I saw this about a month back, very soon after I became friends with the owner of a travel agency who told me she could get me great deals to Bangkok, I was jumping for joy and already looking at flights and hotels:

And indeed, everything seemed to fall in place, until today... :( I'd been expecting another visit from France for the month of June, but I learned today that apparently the visit wouldn't be before the middle of June when all my favourite stars would already have left and gotten over the awards!!! :(

Bangkok is a definite destination with my June visitor, but going there twice within the same month is indulgence, despite the profound affection I have for Bangkok, so a very tough choice had to be made - that of foregoing the IIFAs despite their proximity.. :( :( :(

My only consolation is that if my beloved Sonu had not been nominated for a single song, then the awards had to be flawed... ;-)

Sigh sigh...