Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Chicken, goat and bag

Hi everyone!! I'm back!! :)

As for the title, it is the punchline of an old Malaysian political joke I heard long ago which translates in Malay to "ayam, kambing, beg", and when said with the right accent, should sound like "I am coming back"! ;-)

To get to the point, I have been back since Sunday but have been completely incapable of lifting a finger to cook, so help me! I tried cooking when staying with my mom but you know what they say about cooks and their territory... My mom isn't as territorial as she used to be, but I lost my bearings in her kitchen and so was contented with just "directing", heh heh..

Not surprisingly, I am severely busy at work and have made several new friends I need to drop notes to (even the guy next to me on the plane swapped e-mail addresses), so if you don't see much food here for the next few weeks, please bear with me. In the meantime, I can't resist posting this shot of some bhel puri I had in Singapore. I pretty much drove my friends nuts by telling them to take me only to places that served stuff I didn't know how to make, so this was one of them! :)

Oh, I had the honour of meeting 4 bloggers, but forgot to ask if I could blog about them, so if you know who you are and want some fame, please identify yourselves! :)

I oughtta get going! *Hugs*!!


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Welcome back! Have missed your tantalizing photographs of food!

Victor said...

Welcome home, Shilpa. (It's kinda funny to say that when you've just left here. But blogosphere does turn things topsy turvy sometimes.)

It's good to see you blogging again. Even if it's not about food, it's perfectly alright by me.

Since I am not looking for fame, I am still not identifying myself. However, you have permission to blog about our encounter but you can only mention the pleasant details. By that definition, posting my photo is out of the question.

BTW, I like your story on "Ayam, Kambing, Beg". Didn't know you are quite good in Malay too. Truly a "Woman Of Many Tongues" aka a multi-linguist.

WokandSpoon said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing photos of all the food that you scoffed down in your 3 weeks in Singapour!

Claude-Olivier said...

Salut, et bien je me réjouis de voir la suite ;-)

Bonne journée

Lydia said...

Welcome back! I know what you mean about territorial moms in the kitchen (I might be one of them....) -- it will be fun to cook in your own kitchen again.

Asha said...

YAY!!!! You are back!! Oops!! You are gone again!!Missing you:))

Mallika said...

Welcome back... if it's the holiday mode that doesn't get you, the jet lag will. Just hang in there.

tigerfish said...

Welcome back! Hope it was a wonderful trip :D

Shilpa. said...

Thanks for the warm welcome back, everyone! :)

For all those of you who have tagged me for various memes, am really sorry, but I doubt I'll be able to take them up! (Wok & spoon & Lyrical Lemongrass, I mean you, heh heh) Sorry I didn't go to KL, LL!

Victor, you overestimate me lah, my command of Malay is restricted to just food! :)

Claude, merci! Ca fait tout bizarre pour moi de re-parler en français après tout un mois d'anglais! :)

Hey Lydia! Didn't realise you were a mom, too! :) For the moment, my son's still too little to want to help, so the kitchen's still ALL MINE!!

Missed you, too, Asha! I also miss another dear friend in S'pore who's also called Asha... :( sniff!

Thanks, Mallika! No jet lag at all and the work pile-up has made me quickly forget what a holiday is! :)

Tiger, it was quite wonderful, but despite being there a whole month, there were so many places I forgot to go to! :) Spent a lot of time on Boat Quay, heh heh

Sandeepa said...

Welcome back Shilpa. Missed you. Since I have been kinda busy lately am not able to blog hop that much. But I was wondering that maybe you would be back this weekend.
So how was home and everything ? Did you see Sonu :)

Keropok Man said...

i thot if you use the ayam kambing bag, u should be posting a post while in Spore. haha...

Remember, must say it with the famous "samy velu" slang!

it's thanks to him, we get to hear Ayam Kambing Bag! haha...