Sunday, 25 March 2007

WFF 7 - Muzzle up!

Many moons ago, I had a love affair with German - the language. Unfortunately, I was swiftly snared by the rules of grammar and those dreaded distractions called gender and boredom. This was way before I knew how to cook anything, so the attraction was strictly intellectual. If I'd never set foot in Germany, I most certainly would never have had the opportunity of discovering Maultaschen (literally, "muzzle bags"), a speciality of the Southern region of Baden-Württemberg. I'm unwilling to say anything disparaging about German cooking, but let's just say that "dainty" is not my favourite adjective when describing German food. Nonetheless, Maultaschen is for me, as dainty as it gets! :) Some call it German ravioli but I demur. There are more folds in Maultaschen, making them bulkier but with more reliable seams. Absolutely necessary when they take about 20 minutes to cook!

In 2005, when I made a trip to Tübingen, a quaint university town where the current Pope hails from, I got out of the car ankle-deep in snow and was not pleased about it. I was starving but not to the extent of yearning blood sausages, and deliberately learned how to say I didn't want any in German! :) Seeing the word " Spezialität" beside "Maultaschen" on the menu in my hotel's restaurant, I decided it sounded safe enough to order, so the fact that I made them yesterday means I thoroughly enjoyed them! These are just the uncooked ones. I will be doing a separate post during the week showing how I folded them and the different ways of consuming them.

How to: I basically got my recipe from here, but tweaked it a bit here and there. The amount of flour I used for the dough was closer to 400g than 500, and I used 350g of pork instead of a mixture of beef and pork. I was very very contented with the result, and it helps to have a Kitchen Aid!

Variations: Exists in salmon and vegetarian versions.

Body Count: 350g of minced pork

If you remember my dear friend from this post, I had a long chat with her last Sunday and I asked her for a few Sindhi recipes. The sweetie that she is, she dictated 4 to me, and to be cautious, I started with the easiest - Besan dal, or better known as Sindhi curry. She practically had me from the moment she mentioned "besan"!

How to: Dissolve 3 tbsp of besan (chickpea flour) in 2 cups (500ml) of water, adding water in small quantities to ensure there are no lumps. Soak some tamarind to get a paste. Chop 3 green chillis, 2 large tomatoes, 2 carrots and about 150g of okra (in North America) aka ladies' fingers (in Asia) aka gombos (here and in West Africa). Heat some oil, and fry 1/4 tsp of haldi (turmeric), 1/4 tsp of methi (fenugreek) seeds, 1/2 tsp of jeera (cumin), a pinch of hing (asafoetida) and a few slices of ginger. Add the besan suspension and keep stirring until mixture thickens. Add vegetables, about 4 tbsp of tamarind paste and let vegetables simmer according to how firm you prefer them. Add salt and curry leaves to taste and serve with a methi pulao (which I was too lazy to make, because as you can see, I have quite a lot to eat! :) )

Variations: My friend says potatoes can be added, and the quantities of the tamarind and vegetables can be adjusted to taste. I didn't have any hing on me, and I believe the curry would have been even better with it.

Body Count: 0 (vegan)

It has been 3 weeks and I still have not gotten over the potato-in-microwave phenomenon, so I had to find more excuses to use the 2.5kg sack of potatoes I bought to that effect. Last week, I mashed hot potatoes with a crumbly cheddar and couldn't get enough of it with my stuffed jalapenos, so I had to make the same mash again this week, but this time, to make cups containing chilli con carne, as in these Chilli pots:

How to: My chilli has always come from this recipe, but I added one diced capsicum. I spied a few cans of corn in my pantry, too, and decided to empty one of them in into my chilli. For the pots, I crumbled 200g of cheddar with 3 microwaved potatoes and shaped them into crusts according to the muffin tins I used. Then I filled the pots with chilli and baked them at 180°C for half an hour.

Variations: You know, I think I should have added some flour to the pots to make them firmer, crispier and easier to handle. Just a thought for the next time I attempt this!

Body Count: 500g of beef.

I'll be darned if I still have to cook during the week after having made this much, but to hammer another nail into that imaginary sealed coffin, I made one more dish - Lor Mai Kai। Literally, it means "glutinous rice chicken" in Cantonese, and it's really just that, with of course, the usual sauce-pects (sorry, couldn't resist it!). Lor Mai Kai is something I occasionally had for breakfast in Singapore, which is significant in that A) I seldom wake up in time for breakfast and B) if I do, I usually skip it anyway. Strangely, though, I prepare it for dinner over here on a fairly regular basis.

How to: Soak about 400g of glutinous rice in water overnight or for at least 2 hours, then drain. Marinate about 500g of chicken meat with a few slices of ginger, equal quantities of sesame oil, dark & light soya sauces and oyster sauce (I'd recommend 2 tsps, but I didn't measure). Add white pepper and corn starch, and mix well. In a wok, heat a few tablespoonsful of oil and fry some shallots (I had pre-fried shallots) until they're crisp. Add rice and a tablespoonful each of Chinese rice wine, oyster sauce, light soya sauce and sesame oil. Add a few drops of dark soya sauce if you'd like some colour, then add about 300ml of water, 100ml at a time, stirring constantly. When all the water has been absorbed, remove rice from heat.

In individual bowls, line the base with chicken meat and top off with glutinous rice. Steam for about half an hour or until rice is fully coked. Serve with chilli sauce.

Variations: Black mushrooms or raw groundnuts can be added to the rice. For a vegetarian version, mock meat can be used, with a vegetarian oyster-flavoured stiry-fry sauce.

Body Count: 500g of chicken


Sandeepa said...

Beautiful spread. How do you do all this on a weekend I am amazed really.
Please I want to be with you on an island on a weekend only (then I come back Monday sharp ):)

BuddingCook said...

looks good. i don't know the names. is that okra in there?

WokandSpoon said...

I like the look and sound of "chillipot"! What's in that?
Daylight saving throws me out everytime. I prefer gaining an hour than losing one. I'm impressed that you're out and about. I'm still in my pjyamas!

Shilpa. said...

Thanks gals! :) Sorry haven't been visiting you all much of late! So busy!

Sandeepa, I don't know how you manage to cook on a weekday, so this pretty much is my week's effort concentrated in one day! :) Hahaha, I'm flattered that you want to be stuck with me on an island, even for a weekend! I can be a grouch you know! :)

Buddingcook, thanks! Well, if you pass your mouse over each photo, you'll see the name of each dish.

Wokandspoon, hee hee, Chillipot is just chilli con carne in potato pie shells ("pots"). Tell me about the lost hour! grrr, I think I'm going to take it out on my poor colleagues tomorrow!

Shilpa. said...

Oops, sorry, Buddingcook, yes, those are okra!

cheesewithaspoon said...

OMG Shilpa you made lor mai kai! One of the few things that makes me wish I still ate chicken! You made it in a rice cooker or the old-fashioned way? Okay okay I'll shut up and be patient and wait for your recipes :-) .

Okra a.k.a. ladies' fingers is one of my fave veggies of all time.

You know I didn't even realise about daylight savings until I read your blog?!?!? But that's why they always do it on a weekend, right? So the blur ones like me don't miss any appointments ;-) .

Shilpa. said...

Hi cheesewithaspoon! Uh-oh! Sorry for the tempting thoughts!! I didn't know I could cook glutinous rice in a cooker, but I don't even have one anyway! :)

Heh heh, as for the okra, I think you know WHO gave me the recipe! :)

I'm glad I managed to inform you of DST, but it's since been deleted, so it was in the nick of time wasn't it? ;-)

tigerfish said...

I only know that loh mai kai leh, the rest is too "deep" for me to know...:D You made the loh mai kai look like a marble cake...nice! Hey, I made some curry cuties that look like your chilli pots too! Will post in 1-2 days time.

Victor said...

Those "muzzle bags" look like pillows laid out for sunning, hehe.

Oh BTW Shilpa, I linked you already then ask permission can or not ah? Better ask, just in case... If got objection, I can take down wan, no problem.

Shilpa. said...

Hey Tiger, grrr grrr! :) Marble cake?! LOL, didn't look at it that way, but you're right, I see the resemblance now! :) As long as it doesn't look like the cake that Keropok Man ate, I'm fine with it, hahaha!! Can't wait to see your curry cuties!

Hi Victor, heh heh, I was in fact laying out the muzzlebags to dry! :) Got no objections to you adding me to your favourites! Am flattered in fact! Thanks! :) And you too, if you have objections being in my list of favourites, just say!

Sia's corner said...

now that sindi curry has got my full attention:) u lazy bum, do post the recipe for methi pulao;) he he...
but serioualy, sindhi curry looks so delightful. and best thing is it looks quite simple to make. so i am in:)

Shilpa. said...

Hi Supriya, oh no, oh no!!! I forgot to mention that I added a few slices of ginger with the spices!! I'm trying to update my post, but it wouldn't load, so I hope you see this comment before you copy the recipe!

Sia's corner said...

thanks shilpa. i have noted down the ginger:)
hugs to u for letting me know:) do add that dropdown menu. helps a lot in checking archives:)

Asha said...

Oh lordy lordy!! So many goodies in one weekend!! They all look great,good job.

Shilpa. said...

Hi again Supriya, would not be able to live with myself for giving faulty cooking tips! :) I have so many recipe books which either give bad advice or fail to state certain handy tips, so I didn't want to be like them! :) Alas, that drop-down menu, like the changes I need to make to my post, will have to wait until blogger allows me to, grrr.. strangely, I have no problems with comments.

Hi Asha, haha, thank you! This means not having to cook on weekdays! :) Well, at least, I hope so!

Mishmash ! said...

Shilpa, ur blog is becoming my window to some European dishes and i am enjoying that bit of international flavour. As usual great spread :)


Sia's corner said...

ha ha ha... faulty cooking tips from cooking books... i do understand what u mean by them:) sometimes they r really funny things to read;)

Mallika said...


Shilpa. said...

Hi Mishmash, thanks! Haha, I'm flattered to be your "window"! :) Unfortunately, this is as adventurous as I get, though... I hardly venture further from the basics - chicken, beef, pork & seafood, so it's unlikely I'll cook many other exotic European things! :)

Hi Supriya, would it kill them to just tell the truth?? It's not as if it would cost them to impart the right knowledge, right? Anyway, Ive fixed my post! :) Yay!!

Mallika said...

Sorry! I was going to say I had a similar experience with Spanish - tense and boredom!!

That glutinous rice looks divine.

Shilpa. said...

Thanks Mallika! Did you go for classes in Spanish? I only attempted learning German on my own with those "Teach Yourself" books, so I could opt out any time :)

Claude-Olivier said...

ALors ca c'est fort, j'entends un prof venu tout droit de Tübingen parler a coté de moi en ce moment meme...comme quoi ! jolie recette, bravo


Jyothsna said...

So many cuisines all in a week!! Sindhi Kadhi....yum, check out my version too, I think I blogged that eons ago :)

Jyothsna said...

Thanks for checking out my Sindhi Kadhi version. Thats how my MIL taught me, she prefers it watery.

Keropok Man said...

i love curry and that curry just makes me want to eat some now!

Shilpa. said...

Salut Claude, oh ça, c'est rien! J'ai même pas encore montré ce que j'ai fait de ces Maultaschen! :) Patience, mon vieux!

Hi Jyothsna, haha, we do seem to cook the same things, don't we? I haven't planned for the weekend yet, but I won't be surprised if our tastes intersect again! :) Yes, my Sindhi friend did tell me the kadhi should have a soupy consistency, but I disobeyed her, even the part about hing! :)

Hey Keropok, this is by far the easiest of the curries I've made, you can, too! :)

Chris said...

Woa, for a non-Chinese to be able to whip up a mean-looking Lor Mai Kai, you really put us Chinese to shame, Shilpa.

Some guys have all the luck. Sigh.

Shilpa. said...

Hey Chris, I think if you were an "exiled" foodie like me, you'd also be determined enough to make your favourite dishes! :) Would never have learned how to make Lor Mai Kai in S'pore when I can just get it at the coffee shop!

trupti said...

That Sindhi concoction looks really good. I love anything with Besan. Must try that with rotis.

I love potatoes with cheese too...but that is an indulgence, of course!
My son has been eating Mashed potatoes with a bit of pepper,salt,a pinch of chili powder,and butter a lot I sneak a few spoons in here and there when I make it..(haha).

Sharmi said...

Hi Shilpa, New to your blog and found a lot of interesting recipes. I liked the besan gravy and chilli pots. All the recipes look good. will be back soon for more. btw liked your blog name:))


Shilpa. said...

Dear Trupti, you too? I've been on a besan binge of late, there are so many things I want to make with it!!! It's also used in Italian cooking, surprise surprise, so I might make something Italian this weekend!

Haha, your son's mashed potatoes sound like how they should be eaten - dripping with grease! Oh yes, I tend to go overboard on the butter, too!

Welcome Sharmi! I'll try to do up the dropdown menus this weekend so that you can find my recipes more easily! :) Heh heh, thanks, if you need to know why I chose such a name for my blog, it's all in the first post.

eastcoastlife said...

yo shilpa woman!
Thanks for the messages you left on my blog.


tigerfish said...

I was thinking for making this kind of curry that goes with naan. Any substitutes for chickpea flour? My pantry only got normal flour leh!

Shilpa. said...

Hey ECL, if you can be blogging, you must be very well! :) Yayyy!!!!

Tiger, sorry, I doubt normal flour's going to taste all that good in a curry, you know? It wll definitely thicken the sauce, but can't guarantee it will taste like this curry! :) I can't think of a worthy substitute, but cornflour or polenta sounds plausible, but in small quantities.

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