Friday, 2 February 2007

I'm IT!

I had the honour of being tagged by Stefanie of Cumin & Coriander for the "5 Things Most People Don't Know About me" meme, and I must admit, this one's going to be harder than making my own puff pastry from scratch (which I've been too chicken to attempt at all)! What my friends know, my family probably doesn't, and what my colleagues know, my friends probably don't! So let me compile what I think are my best-kept secrets (or simply things I'd never found the occasion to bring up in a conversation)..

1. For all the junk I'm often seen eating and the sporadic exercise I deign to take part in, I definitely deserve to be obese, but am about 20kg/44lbs short (my secret is water, darlings, not genes or high metabolism, mind you). What most people don't know is that I'm NOT a calorie counter, carb hater, additive & artifical colouring & flavouring detractor, etc.. I am at peace with my food, even if it's blue and resembles a WC-scouring tablet. I read labels, just out of curiosity (and to learn my ingredients in foreign languages), and used to have a reputation for living by toffee alone and sucking on so many Sweetarts (see link) that my tongue and/or palate would start to bleed. Sorry, I know that's sick, but it's the whole truth! :)

2. I still don't have my driver's licence despite an embarrassing number of lessons, and aim to FINALLY get it this year. I panicked during my first attempt almost 2 years ago, making stupid obvious mistakes I ordinarily wouldn't have made, and cried like a baby all the way home because I couldn't understand what came over me. I'm usually a cool cucumber with a "chalta hai" (can do) attitude, but the feeling of not being able to succeed no matter how hard I tried was very humbling!

3. When I was 12, I wanted to break the world record for longest fingernails, so I decided to stop cutting them despite my teachers' repeated warnings and threats following complaints from classmates who got scratched. I lovingly measured them each week, but never got past 5 cm for a single finger because they kept chipping. Damn it, nothing ever seems to go my way!

4. Please, I need someone to explain this to me: Even though he has waxed armpits, there aren't many films he's acted in that I can safely say I liked and he's received lots of bad press for boorish behaviour, Salman Khan remains my idea of a hunk. Expert opinion welcome !

5. Shilpa is not my real name, but you'll have to be really nice for me to tell you what it is! :)

I'm relatively new to blogging, so I'll have a shorter list of people to tag:
Keropok Man of Singapura Daily Photo

Quick, tell us your secrets!!


TRS said... meme! enjoyed reading it, I too, have been known to go weak in the knees when Sallu makes an entry....I'm with you on that one.Hope you finally get that licence..


Shilpa said...

Hi Trupti, thanks! Glad you didn't doze off reading my meme and I'll keep working on my driving!

Haha, also glad to know I'm not the only one who'll help to bail Sallu out of jail! kidding! I'm currently watching Biwi No.1 and some parts of it are so bad but I continue only because of him!

Lydia said...

I followed the trail back from Scott at Needs More Garlic...nice to find your blog!

tigerfish said...

I suspect you are severely underweight, aren't you ? During winter, I find myself drinking a lot less water. :O
From your profile pix, your nails(are they?) still look long. I find it so hard to keep any nails, and esp now when we have to cook, and use those fingers during food preparation...hate those stuff getting into my nails. :(
Hope u get your licence! :)

(P.S you know, dumbo me did not know i was supposed to pass it on if i was "tagged")

Sandeepa said...

Hey liked your meme:) I too flunked my DL first time but had to get it within the next month :( , but am still a little afraid of driving
Shall take up the meme soon.

Shilpa said...

Hi Lydia, thanks for coming by! I was rather entertained by your meme!

Tiger, no, not underweight, but in the lower half of my ideal weight range, heh heh.. :) You can tell from the photo of my hands that I still have some meat! Oh yes, I hate having things get under my nails, too, that's why I seldom make things that need to be kneaded! :) Thanks, I'll make sure I pass my driving test the next time!

Sandeepa, thanks, glad you enjoyed reading my meme! Can't wait to see yours! I'm not really afraid of driving, just totally uninterested, but feel "forced" to know how to with a kid and all.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Ok, I am done with mine, check it out. Thanks for tagging me. :)

Stefanie said...

thanks for playing along. i got my driver's license 3 years ago, which was a lot later than all of my friends. now i don't think i could do without it :)

shilpa said...

Ohh your name is not shilpa? then why did u choose it????

Well I loved your meme :). Welcome to blogging world.

Shilpa said...

Hi rm, thanks for taking up the meme! Stefanie, that's very comforting to know! My inability to drive has remained a secret simply because few people can believe someone as old as I am still can't drive, haha!

Hi Shilpa, thanks for writing! Well, I chose the name because of its meaning (it loosely translates to "artisan", am I right?) and also, it was the brand of my very first bindi.. :) there, my secret's out.

Zuzu said...

Nice to find your blog. I followed your blog from... gosh I can't remeber where. But I enjoyed it and will be back again.

Zuzu said...

Hi. Nice blog! I followed it from some other blog.. I can't even remember which one :P I enjoyed it and will be back for more...

Keropok Man said...

Arghh.. I still have not replied to the meme. haha...

I shall this weekend I hope :-)

Shilpa said...

Hi Zuzu, thanks for coming by! :)

Keropok, you're not obliged to, but you must definitely have secrets!!

Melting Wok said...

shilpa, we all love you no matter what ok ? hehe :)) Anyway, you read the food labels consistently ya ? I do it whenever I feel fat ssh..haha, cheers ! :)

Shilpa said...

Awwwww, melting wok, come and collect your huuuuug... ;-)

Haha, don't worry, I sometimes feel fat, too, and when that happens, I'd prefer not to know how many calories there are! :) I'll eat, then read later, after the bag of chips has been emptied! :)

Keropok Man said...

dear dear shilpa,

finally the 5 crunchy keropok bites are revealed. haha..

other than we have common family name :-) Haha.. let everyone guess what is our family name!